What is MACH3Ti ?

Unique memorabilia from the pinnacle of American aviation history. Rings and Collectibles created from mission flown titanium parts of the SR-71 Blackbird.

This is the original MACH3Ti web site that has been promoting the remarkable history of our SR-71 Blackbirds since 2007.

My rings are custom designed by YOU the customer allowing for desired styles, thicknesses, widths, finish, and color.

MACH3Ti rings and collectibles are made from actual mission flown parts of the SR-71 Blackbirds.

My parts were used as part of the SR-71 airframe's one of a kind propulsion systems. They were replaced during the normal course of maintenance and later sold as scrap metal at the end of the program in 1990.

MACH3Ti uses only 100% mission flown titanium. The SR-71 Blackbirds flew multiple secret missions of the highest national priority during the Cold War. My items are confirmed and the parts used have been inspected by the top experts who worked in the SR-71 program.

There are No seams or pressed in fillers or any other materials such as inlays or cheap platings.

They are NOT machined, they are totally hand made.
They are NOT melted, cast, or trepanned. 

They are formed by hand that preserves the original attributes, preserving and displaying the original Lockheed Skunk Work’s remarkable construction processes.

All customers are very welcome to visit my facility to inspect the actual parts that your item will be composed from. You can see the parts with the parts numbers, identifying inspection stamps, the original coatings, etc.

You may request photos showing the step by step process in the making of your item.

You will receive high quality, personalized certificates, fact sheets, as well as other documentation identifying the history and authentication of your item.

I also have the ability to enlarge your MACH3Ti ring.

I honorably served 20 years in the USAF maintaining our most advance aerospace defensive systems. 10 of those in the SR-71 / U-2 reconnaissance program as a Master Technician, Machinist Supervisor, and Section Chief of Metals Technology for the 9th SRW that maintained and operated the SR-71 Blackbirds at Beale AFB, CA.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you, Daniel Freeman, Tsgt USAF (Ret)


BEWARE of fakes and imitations claimed to be made from stolen items from federal government property crash sites. These are sacred places where our heroic aircrews were lost and injured.

Take heed and caution to items now being sold by unscrupulous dealers on rip-off auction sites. Those crash site materials are contaminated with the toxic debris used in system components as well as asbestos. It’s illegal to dig up these sites on federal lands. Disturbing these sites can cause exposure and contamination to surrounding areas to include radioactive, carcinogenic, and extremely dangerous compounds.  

It’s also illegal to possess, sell, or purchase stolen government property. Those other materials are shamefully pilfered from the sacred sites that remain as memorials to those who sacrificed for duty, honor, and country.


The Worlds Fastest Jet

Made in the USA by A USAF Veteran- 
Rare and limited aviation treasures • Handmade rings and precious collectables.


Created from Actual SR-71 TURBO RAM-JET propulsion system EJECTOR NOZZLE parts.

TheSE PARTS pushed our Blackbirds on top secret missions to the edge of space while preserving our freedom at over 2200 mph.

A gift that will be remembered
A treasure that will last forever

RingStudioSmall Ben Dean.jpeg

Above: Rounded Ring, Colorized Finish

Hand Crafted Rings Composed from SR-71 Titanium

 Low Profile Ring, Colorized Finish

Low Profile Ring, Colorized Finish

 Rounded, Polished, Natural Hue

Rounded, Polished, Natural Hue